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“My God, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for!”
The Vienna daily Kurier on Xocolat
“Only select, fantastic chocolates.”
The weekly magazine NEWS on Xocolat
“Chocolate art and cult.”
The gourmet magazine A la Carte on Xocolat
“Austria’s best address for cocoa-bean specialities.”
Welt am Sonntag on Xocolat

Xocolat Kontore

Xocolat offers an entire world of fine chocolate flavour in carefully selected examples. And because that world is huge, the Xocolat Kontore selection is necessarily very extensive. The Xocolat collection is focused entirely on the high quality of chocolate: its authenticity, originality and its profoundly culinary character. The selection has often been described as exemplary. Such leading confectioners and chocolate makers as Stéphane Bonnat and Bertil Akesson have called Xocolat in Palais Ferstel the chocolate speciality shop with the best selection in the world. In his book, chocolate writer and tester Georg Bernardini classified the original Xocolat location as the best chocolate speciality shop in Europe. The magazine A la Carte presented Xocolat with the Trophée Gourmet, Austria’s most prestigious award for culinary merit.

Kontor Palais Ferstel


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With its more than 400 tables of chocolate bars, some 100 kinds of confectionery and numerous other specialities, the magnificent ambience of Palais Ferstel is a fantastic setting for immersing oneself in the wonderful world of chocolate. Xocolat Vienna offers a variety of select gifts for compulsive chocolate-eaters, rarities for demanding connoisseurs and in-depth specialist advice.
Freyung 2, 1010 Wien
In the arcade of Palais Ferstel phone 43 (0)1/535 43 63 mailto xocolat(at)xocolat.at Mo to Fr 10am till 6:30pm Sa 10am till 6pm So and holydays 12 till 5pm except July and August 25th and 26th of December, 1st and 6th of January, Whitsunday and Whitmonday, Easter Monday Navigation

Kontor Linz


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The heart of chocolate culture in Linz is only a few steps from the city’s Landstrasse and Main Square. Like the original location in Vienna, the shop offers the entire range of plantation chocolates, the finest confectionery and creative chocolate compositions. Located near several multi-storey car parks, it offers especially convenient shopping for those seeking the finest chocolate.
Herrenstraße 5, 4020 Linz
phone +43 (0)732/77 09 89 mailto linz(at)xocolat.at Mo to Fr 10am till 6pm Sa 10am till 5pm Navigation

Kontor Baden


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Xocolat Baden is a fine boutique in Baden’s pedestrian precinct, where it enriches the great cultural and culinary life of the lovely city with fine chocolate bars and confectionery from Xocolat Manufaktur.
Theresiengasse 1, 2500 Baden
phone +43 (0)2252/86 65 47 mailto xocolat(at)xocolat.at Mo to Fr 10am till 6pm Sa 10am till 5pm Navigation

Kontor Hietzing


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Across from the legendary Café Dommayer in the heart of the Vienna district of Hietzing, Xocolat offers a fine selection of choice chocolate bars and an extensive range of sweets from Xocolat Manufaktur. Plus: countless gifts that will give the recipient great pleasure.
Lainzer Straße 1, 1130 Wien
phone 01/876 11 79
mailto xocolat.hietzing(at)outlook.com
Mo to Fr 9am till 6pm Sa 10am till 5pm

Xocolat Manufaktur

Vienna is the capital of Austria and has long enjoyed a reputation as a city of sweet pleasures. The high Viennese art of making fine sweets not only has a history dating from the time of Empress Maria Theresa, it is still being practised today. And it is practised in a particularly tempting manner by the Xocolat Manufaktur. This small but lovely workshop dedicated to making fine chocolates is situated in an old establishment in one of Vienna’s prettiest districts. Xocolat Manufaktur turns the very best ingredients into a wide variety of truffles, pralines, langues-de-chat, high-quality chocolate bars and the finest chocolate sticks along with many other specialities.

Xocolat Manufaktur’s fine chocolate creations are handmade by traditional methods to suit the tastes of our time. That is why Xocolat Manufaktur does not make ordinary chocolates, but rather specialities for discriminating hedonists – exclusively with natural ingredients and with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Some examples You can see here.

Xocolat Manufaktur, Servitengasse 5, 1090 Vienna, phone +43 (0)1/31 000 20, mailto manufaktur(at)xocolat.at Navigation


Nut Plus

Poured by hand and combined with so many nuts that they might better be called “ chocolate nuts” rather than “nut chocolates”

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Chocolate Cigars

These cigars on the Cuban model are made by the chocoladeros of Xocolat- Manufaktur from full-flavoured ingredients, hand-rolled, and dipped in cocoa of a colorado hue

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Crispy Fruit

Fruit & chocolate with all natural flavors. The full, rich taste of delicate morsels of fruit combined with a fine couverture ranging from white to dark. No additional flavouring.

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Nougat Bars

So harmonious on the Palate! The Codex Alimentarius lists nougat under “other foodstuffs made with cocoa”, but in doing so this respected book is in error. Nougat is hardly just “another foodstuff”: it is a shining star in the firmament of the finest culinary treats. Xocolat Manufaktur presents it in five varieties.

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Xocolat Bars

Good, pure Chocolate. Slender chocolate bars that break with a crisp clean snap, highly flavorful on the palate. Made from a variety of fine chocolates – from white to up to 82% cocoa.

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Langues de Chat

From sweet and mellow to tangy and bittersweet Traditional sweets of high-quality chocolate packaged in artworks by the Viennese painter Peter Sengl

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Barfly Collection Truffles

Truffles with Absinth„, Gin, Cognac, Grand Marnier, Rum 12yo and Whisky 16yo. Packaged in artworks showing spirits aficionados: Ernest Hemingway, Napoleon III.,  Auguste Escoffier, Paul Gauguin, James Joyce and Queen Mom, who never turned down a good glass of Gin.

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A composition of flavourful milk chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 38%, crispy grains made from rice flour and freeze-dried flakes of caramel, yogurt or honey.

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X stands for eXtra delicious and Xocolat. Paper-thin chocolate sticks with an elegant aroma (purely natural) available in the varieties Chili, Coffee, Mint, Orange, Rose and Vanilla.

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Barfly Collection Liqueurs

World-famous spirits in harmonious combination 
with high-spirited cocoa. Composed in Xocolat Manufaktur blended with care by the highly rated distiller Alois Gölles

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Truffles and pralines for those who never tire of discovering new chocolate variations

Personal Chocolates

Our exquisite chocolates made to suit your personal requirements will make a lasting impression on your guests, partners and clients. You can design everything from the chocolate box to the chocolate ribbon and the individual confectionery according to your preferences. We would be pleased to advise you about the many and diverse pleasures and possibilities for designing your own personal chocolates.

Make requests to xocolat(at)xocolat.at



This is made with your own name or slogan and melts in your mouth. Just order five kilos or more; delivery of your unique confectionery takes just four weeks.

Boxes of Chocolates

Your own box of chocolates can contain from four to 100 fine filled chocolates. The wrappers can be personally stamped (for 50 or more pieces) or printed in colour (for 200 or more).

Chocolate Ribbons and Bows

Say it with exquisite chocolate! The individually designed ribbons and bows deliver your personal message. Just order 50 or more, and your creative chocolate idea can be delivered to you in a few short weeks.

Xocolat for You

Your own very special message in chocolate.

Xocolat Manufaktur Workshops

Xocolat Manufaktur offers you the opportunity of learning the high art of confectionery-making. You will enjoy working with fine chocolate and acquiring profound insight into this wonderful world of sweet pleasures. Every course is combined with extensive confectionery tasting, accompanied by free-flowing sparkling wine. And of course you can take everything you make home with you.
Special courses can be organized for groups and can be offered in German, English or French.
The basic programme teaches you everything you need to know to start making filled chocolates on your own, from preparing the fillings to decoration. You will make cut chocolates and truffles.
No previous experience is required for the Starke Stücke (Filled with Flavour) programme either. Here the focus is on full-flavoured confectionery such as champagne truffles and filled chocolates flavoured with fruity spirits. The cost per person is €95 (€85 for members of the Chocolate-Lovers Club). For maximum benefit, the class size is limited to 15.


Give a gift that is a pleasure to receive, a voucher for a Xocolat Workshop! They are available from Xocolat Manufaktur, Servitengasse 5, 1090 Vienna and from Xocolat in Palais Ferstel Passage, Freyung 2, 1010 Vienna.
You may also order vouchers by post or e-mail at workshop@xocolat.at


  • 3 to 4 hours of actively moulding and shaping confectionery at Xocolat Manufaktur
  • Free flow premium sparkling wine from Austria
  • sparkling water and juices
  • recipes
  • All self-made products can be taken


  • 17th of September, Programm Workshop Basic, Begin 1pm. booked
  • 22nd of October, Programm Workshop Basic, Begin 1pm. booked
  • 5th of November, Programm "Starke Stücke", Begin 1pm. bookable
  • 26th of November, Programm X-MAS Program, Begin 1pm. bookable
  • Classes will be held at  Xocolat Manufaktur, Servitengasse 5, 1090 Wien


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Wegen der limitierten Teilnehmerzahl werden Anmeldungen zu Workshops erst nach Bestätigung durch Xocolat Manufaktur und Einlangen der Workshop-Gebühr auf dem Xocolat Manufaktur-Konto verbindlich. Stornierungen für Workshops sind bis 1 Woche vor dem Termin kostenlos möglich. Danach werden 50% einbehalten.

Xocolat Franchise

Xocolat’s customer acceptance and media reception demonstrate the excellent job the company has done in representing the diversity and value of fine chocolate and in redefining an exciting product. At Xocolat we value the power of well-conceived networks and believe in that cooperation inspires. That is why we have developed the Xocolat Franchise. We are convinced that regional markets are best served by entrepreneurs who think like the customers they are seeking to serve. A Xocolat Franchise offers enthusiastic people with a sense of business and a love of culinary pleasure an opportunity to play an active role in the world of fine chocolate. The Xocolat Franchise System is based on fundamental concepts that provide a solid foundation for developing attractive new locations:

Room at the Top

Xocolat has already been highly successful in five different locations. But there is much more to be done to spread the pleasures of fine chocolate, to the delight of the customer and the benefit of the committed entrepreneur. If you, too, would like to turn your passion for culinary pleasure into a profession and want more information about the Xocolat Franchise, please contact us.
To send us an e-mail, click

Xoco Know-How

Our preoccupation with a single theme − chocolate − has given Xocolat an advantage of knowledge that is essential in the culinary industry.

A Strong Brand

Xocolat can rightly claim to be the leader in the business of fine chocolate. Chocolate experts agree that the original Xocolat in Vienna is the best chocolate speciality shop in Europe and the world. Xocolat offers an entire world of fine chocolate of unrivalled diversity. Because in addition to the unmistakable specialities the company produces itself, Xocolat also offers the best bean-to-bar chocolate and many rarities. Our constant preoccupation with one single theme − chocolate − gives Xocolat an advantage of knowledge that is essential in the culinary industry.

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